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Do you only want paid parking via SMS or a credit card? Or, if you are a sole trader or a company, the full monty of options?

You can choose between an easy and a business account at 4411.
Both account types are free of charge: you therefore do not pay contract costs.

  • Free registration
  • Several profiles within one account
  • Keep all costs nicely separated

Payment methods

Proximus, Scarlet or Orange customers can make use of paid parking via their mobile bill. Are you a customer at another provider or would you prefer not to pay via your mobile bill? With a 4411 account you can choose between three additional payment methods: 

  • Automatic payment via a linked credit card
  • Online payment functions on the 4411 website
  • Bank transfer
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Business account

Are you a freelancer, sole trader or company with a vehicle fleet? Combine your parking costs but also charging your electric vehicle and buying De Lijn tickets at one location and receive a bill with a detailed statement on a monthly basis. And there is more! 

More about a business account

Transaction costs

Every town, city, municipality or car park determines its own parking rates in the same way as the operator determines which electric energy rates it will use. You only pay a small transaction cost to 4411 to support our services.

SMS parking

Incoming/outgoing text messages: €0.15

Mobile parking

Per session: € 0,25



For every incoming/outgoing text message: € 0,15
Per session via the app: € 0,25

Paid parking with 4411

Stop keeping an eye on the time: start and stop your parking sessions via your smartphone.
Only pay for your effective parking time (plus transaction costs) and prevent getting parking fines. 

  • More than 170,000 parking spaces in more than 150 towns and cities in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Both for parking on the road and for car parks.
  • 4411 is integrated within the apps of third parties such as KBC Mobile, Olympus, Touring Mobilis and Flitsmeister. 
More about mobile parking

The 4411 services

Make it easy for yourself and manage your mobility costs within one app. Via 4411, you now already pay for your parking place in town, your De Lijn bus or tram ticket or charging your electric vehicle. 

SMS parking

Are you a Proximus, Scarlet or Orange customer? Start and stop your parking session by sending a text and pay via your monthly mobile bill. 

Everything about SMS parking

Park via the 4411 app

You can pay for your parking place, electric energy charging and De Lijn ticket automatically with the 4411 app via a payment method that you choose.

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And manage your profiles, vehicle registration numbers and payment options within one app. Each month, you will receive a detailed summary of all your payments.

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